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Telefonica leads the digital transformation in Latin America

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Hello from Las Vegas! We are hosting more than 20,000 industry leaders and technology experts this week at IBM Interconnect, The Premier Cloud and Mobile Conference, and engaging in rich and meaningful conversations on customer engagement solutions. There are endless sessions and labs on the Cloud, Internet of Things and Mobile Enterprise where customers, business partners and IBMers exchanged the way forward in how to improve businesses and offer superior customer experiences on digital channels.

I had the pleasure to personally engage with Telefonica Chile’s Head of Online Channels, Carlos Carvajal. As the lead for Telefonica’s digital channels team, he took the initiative to develop and expand Telefonica’s online channels so that its customers would have access to Telefonica’s products and services. As Latin American consumers are going through the web and mobile revolution with ever increasing access to the internet and mobile devices, Telefonica is evolving in how customers are interacting with the business.

In his session, Carvajal shared with us how they are improving their online digital channels to align their initiatives in providing superior customer experience and how IBM Tealeaf made the changes happen:

  1. Proactively improve customer experience: At Telefonica, they had no visibility in understanding what end users were doing on their website and their process to troubleshoot the issues was costly and reactive. Without a clear way to understand customer online journeys, Telefonica had high ticket rejections because they did not have enough data. Once they implemented Tealeaf, they were able to quickly identify the root cause of issues that customers experienced online, quickly resolve issues, and increase productivity by prioritizing high value projects based on business impact.
  2. Investigate dispute & mitigate fraud: Carvajal’s team saw fraudulent activities happen on their web channels but they had clear view on how to manage fraud and compliance. With Tealeaf, customized KPIs and alarms to track fraudulent behavior, which improved customer service and reduced security risks.
  3. Optimize online usability: Customer frustration results into low conversion rates and negative brand loyalty. With their existing solutions, they were not able to pinpoint customer interactions. As it turns out, customers were confused and repeated the same steps multiple times due to bad web design. Carvajal and his team were more proactive in continuously updating website content whenever they identified segments of customers who had issues on particular pages.
  4. Enhance customer feedback: Telefonica saw low conversion rates as customer complaints and requests increased. Customer feedback was often vague and unclear and did not help teams to understand why customers provided such feedback in order to resolve their inquiries. As a result, Telefonica integrated Tealeaf and their Voice of Customer solution to tie customer complaints with their current and historical sessions to see what their customers saw on their online transaction.

As Telefonica transforms its digital customer experience and service by partnering with IBM, they find it extremely crucial for teams across the business to use Tealeaf and gain actionable insight based on customer online experiences and interactions.

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