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Top 10 Smarter Commerce Blog Posts of 2014

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Thank you to everyone who read, contributed or otherwise engaged with our blog over the past year. We published 300 blog posts in 2014 on a range of topics by dozens of IBM executives and subject matter experts, distinguished Business Partners and honorary clients and external thought leaders. Below are the top 10 most visited posts from the year. Be sure you don’t miss any of these popular posts!

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Analytics Strategy For 2014 – Part 1

Digital marketing has evolved and the purchase cycle has become more complex, as marketers struggle to find ways to get the maximum returns on investment. We have seen a similar trend in 2013 where social media and mobile became the mainstream digital channels, Content continues to be the primary fuel for digital marketing. Another trend that emerged in 2012-2013 was the increased focus on big data. Organizations are allocating a portion of their digital marketing budget towards big data type predictive analysis. Continue reading …

2. IBV IBM CPO Study: A deeper look at procurement strategies that drive bottom-line impact

What impact can procurement have on the success of the enterprise? How do top performing Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) drive greater business value? What programs and capabilities have the most impact on driving innovation both for procurement and for the company?  What are procurement leaders doing to stay ahead of the competitive curve? Continue reading …

3. Mo•men•tous

[moh-men-tuhs] adjective: of great or far-reaching importance or consequence: a momentous day. Over the past few months, I have been blogging about moments that matter and their importance when it comes to meaningful customer engagement. And while truly momentous things don’t really happen that often, today is one of those days for me, for IBM, and most importantly for you — our clients — and your customers. Continue reading …

4. Understand Your Customers With Integrated Customer Analytics

Today’s marketplace requires deep understanding of customers and coordination of customer engagement across every channel. As digital commerce continues to grow, mobile commerce is skyrocketing. In fact, ABI Research recently revealed that mobile commerce will account for 24% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017. Continue reading …

5. IBM Commerce powers more Internet Retailer Top 500 transactions

Each year our friends at Internet Retailer publish their Top 500 report, which ranks top online retailers around the world based on annual web sales. The report provides a wealth of information that can help retailers benchmark their performance against the best online retailers in the world for KPI’s such as conversion rate, average order value, site response times, etc. Additionally, the report gives solution providers insight to how their software solutions are being used by these top retailers. Continue reading …

6. Black Friday Consumer Trends: 3 Quick Takeaways

As anticipated, Black Friday 2014 saw record online and mobile shopping sales. While these increases were expected, digging into the data reveals some interesting trends that could have implications for how retailers engage with consumers in the future. Continue reading …

7. Putting your finger on the pulse of the holiday shopping season: Introducing IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live

If you’ve watched television, opened your email, or searched a website in the past two weeks (and I know you have) you have already noticed the onslaught of promotions touting a chance to get a jump on the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Retailers big and small are offering consumers earlier, better, deals–in store and online–so if you are inclined you might score a few bargains for the most sought after gifts on your family’s list even before you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year. Continue reading …

8. Big Data: A Big Focus For Procurement Organizations

A business’ capacity to generate and store data has doubled approximately every three years since the 1980s. By 2020, analysts estimate that businesses will have 300 times more data available to them than they do today. Of course, that data will do little to enhance business objectives unless it can be effectively captured, managed and analyzed. Despite the tremendous growth in data, and greater access to that data, one in three business leaders say they don’t trust the information they use to make decisions. Therein lies the challenge and opportunity of Big Data. Continue Reading…

9. Three Predictions for this Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

Do you hear what I hear? That’s right, holiday bells are ringing and that means soon too will retailer’s cash registers. So, what does the holiday season have in store for both consumers and retailers? IBM has the answer. Today, for the first time, we released our predictions for the 2014 holiday shopping season, based on data from the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark and the IBM Retail Forecast. And all signs point to 2014 being another record-breaking season where holiday sales are concerned. Let’s take a peek into the Big Data crystal ball and see what the numbers look like: Continue reading…

10. IBM Mobile Push and Engage: Try It, You’ll Like It.

When I took on the leadership of the Enterprise Marketing Management group at IBM, I was keen to make a difference by giving our clients effective engagement solutions that operate at the speed of life. So the October 2013 acquisition of Xtify, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for permission-based mobile messaging/push notifications, was both personally and professionally exciting. Continue Reading…

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