Helping Marketers Turn Data Into Action: Rethink Digital Marketing & Analytics

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Helping Marketers Turn Data into Action: Rethink Digital Marketing & Analytics

Marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven, and with good reason. The rapid explosion of technology and channels is making marketing increasingly complex, and so is the phenomenal growth in the number of interactions customers are having with your brand—and with each other. The massive amounts of information coming at marketers from a variety of digital devices is providing unprecedented levels of insight—but only if marketers are actually capturing and using that data.

Businesses Need to Connect with Empowered Customers

As we all know, customers’ expectations are on the rise. Customers demand compelling, individualized experiences that give them what they want, when they want it. The best way to deliver relevant, tailored messaging and personalized recommendations is to take advantage of the wealth of insight your customers provide every time they interact with you. Whether it’s online, on social media, or through mobile channels, every connection is an opportunity to use data to develop rich customer profiles. This is how marketers can turn visitors into buyers, and repeat customers into loyal advocates.

Businesses Need In-Depth Analytics—and Analytics Expertise

Right now, many businesses continue doing things the way they’ve always been done: Sending campaigns, looking at the results, and trying again. Analytics are only used to provide a rear-view perspective—if they’re even used at all. And what’s more, many marketers struggle to make analysis actionable. They’re leaving reports unused or misinterpreting the results.

This situation is changing. According to a recent CMO survey report, spending on marketing analytics is expected to increase 60% by 2015. However, the survey also found that most companies don’t have the right talent to fully leverage marketing analytics. That’s a huge issue—one that many businesses will need to solve, and solve quickly.

Rethink Digital Marketing & Analytics can help businesses solve these challenges and more. This comprehensive collection of resources gives marketers access to in-depth reports, webinars and videos that they can use to expand and fine-tune their digital marketing skills. Among the valuable tools for marketers are interviews with industry experts and case studies from leading organizations across multiple industries. These resources also provide best practices for developing better, more personalized customer experiences in order to meet the escalating needs of empowered customers and get better results from every campaign. Take a look at the latest addition to Rethink Business and find out how Rethink Digital Marketing & Analytics delivers the tools businesses need to succeed.

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Mark Salke


I fear that we sometimes assume that marketers have analytics skills and expertise that they do not possess. It would be very awesome to see tools that either a) make collecting analyzing and producing actionable information really easy and intuitive, or b) come with expert services that help marketers get started. We’re a smart bunch, but still, the easier, the better.

I enjoyed your post!



Elizabeth MaGill


I couldn’t agree more. Turning insights into action is what marketers truly need. And, that’s the principle behind our Digital Marketing Optimization suite of products which together provide powerful analytics and reporting tools, as well as applications that automate marketing action based on insights from the same set of data. For example, our offerings enable marketers to automate personalized emails based on the same data that’s used for our reporting. Similarly, we automate the process of making content and product recommendations based on visitor data. And, we have a full range of expert services from implementation through to ongoing consulting that support our customers’ success!

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