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5 ways to personalize your site content via IBM Marketing Center

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Customers and potential customers are providing insights every time they interact with your company, regardless of channel.  Via IBM Marketing Center when recognized visitors are on your website you can personalize their experience using historical and real-time data.

IBM Marketing Center is a SaaS solution that allows a company to use personalization across websites, mobile sites, email plus other marketing channels.  You can even import offline customer and sales data as needed. 

 How you choose to personalize your content based on visitor behavior is up to individual companies to decide based on their marketing and communications strategy; but here are 5 ways you can personalize your site content to individuals or audience segments:


When you know someone’s first name and/or surname you could set a site zone to show a creative that includes the person’s name.  Whether you just use their first name is up to you – for example, if you want to be more formal/informal.  You could even A/B test using full name vs. first name and see which your recognized visitors respond to more positively.  The use of a name could be applied to any of the following other personalization tips.  The identification of a visitor could be via online data captured via IBM tags during an online registration or imported offline data.

Referring site

Where the referring site has been captured you could display a creative based on specific sites that you know they have visited.  For example, if you know a visitor had been to Facebook before they visited your page that has IBM Marketing Center site zones you could display a creative with a special offer solely for people who have ‘Liked’ your brand’s Facebook page.


If you have a return visitor that you know browsed a certain category on a previous visit, you could choose to display a creative displaying content or individual products from that one category.


Similar to the browsed tip above, you could display associated products to a significant purchase that your return visitor has made recently.  This could be an online or offline purchase.  For example, if a visitor to your site purchased a king size bed in recent weeks you could display creatives for new bedding.


You can import offline data about your customers and sales data so you could choose to display creatives based on in-store registration type data such as geography e.g. where they live promoting a local in store event or special offer

Hopefully, this has sparked some ideas on how you could personalise the website experience for your customers and repeat visitors via IBM Marketing Center. For more information on IBM Marketing Center and other marketing personalization capabilities in IBM DMO, why don’t you check out these two short videos:

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