Brian Solis: Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur

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[two_third_last]Bryan Kramer interviews Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, to find out how to survive and thrive in this new era of connected consumerism. Get to know Generation C, and learn why investing in new and emerging channels isn’t nearly enough to improve engagement with them. His newest ebook will help you develop your own evolutionary approach to marketing—one that more effectively shapes, steers and guides every customer experience.

We live in an era where connectedness is a way of life. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, online access is ubiquitous, and social networks are becoming the default means of communication. It’s clear that for better or worse, how we’re becoming an always-on society. The hyper-connected consumers of Generation C are changing our society as a whole—as well as the way we do business.


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[…] Watch this interview I recently did with social business expert Bryan Kramer to learn how to make more human connections—and smarter business decisions—by understanding the intersection of people, technology, and culture. […]


[…] Watch this interview I recently did with social business expert Bryan Kramer—we talk in-depth about how to uncover the missing link when it comes to communicating effectively with digital natives. […]

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