Smarter Transportation: Transforming TMS to Meet the Needs of Smarter Customers

Global supply networks are growing increasingly complex, demand is getting harder to predict, regulations are getting tighter, costs are rising, and the pace of business is accelerating. And today’s Smarter Customers are more demanding—they want it yesterday, and through multiple different fulfillment options.

Obviously, all organizations are not the same. The challenges and opportunities facing manufacturers today will affect each one in a different way. But one thing is universal: every business needs to view their supply chain as an opportunity to achieve differentiation in a competitive landscape. Gone are the days when the supply chain was only a place to cut costs.  To compete, companies must move beyond merely modern transportation management systems to a truly transformational approach to supply chain innovation.

Is your business prepared for the challenges ahead? Experts from IDC Manufacturing Insights suggest that you ask yourself these key questions:

  • What is the first principle for your supply chain—service, cost, or quality?
  • Is your business leading the way when it comes to business process change and technology adoption, following fast or lagging behind the others in your industry?
  • What is the role of fulfillment and transportation within the strategic context of your supply chain?

Register now for the webcast with IDC supply chain expert Simon Ellis on January 30th and find out how  the next wave of supply chain innovation can transform your business.

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