Internet Evolution: Smarter Commerce Tutorial

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Future Trends – Smarter Commerce for Midsize Business

Alisa Maclin, Vice President, IBM Smarter Commerce Marketing, shares IBM’s views on some of the more nascent trends in Smarter Commerce that may not yet be on the radar for most midsize businesses — but have the potential to create significant shifts in how companies conduct commerce. To read the interview, visit Laurie McCabe’s blog.

Lightning Strikes – More on Email and Emoticons

This was just too timely. Last night I received an email from Sears that had an emoticon in the subject line. I first noticed the email on my desktop and then took a peak at my iphone, because when it buzzes I’m a slave and have to answer like a proper fanboy/child of the digital […]

Live @ IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit: IBM Chief Procurement Officer Study Reveals Top-Performing Procurement Teams Drive 15% Higher Margins

For me, it’s always a good day when IBM announces one of its new studies. Like any other modern marketer, I’m a big believer in data and market research, and of course, as a blogger, it’s always good to be able to deal in facts obtained via reliable market research. Today, at the IBM Smarter […]