QR Codes: Fad, Marketing Trend or…

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I read a post last week debating whether QR codes are a fad or a marketing trend ripe for growth. My thought was… REALLY?

QR codes are not a fad, that would imply they ever had value or were a phenomenon in the first place. QR codes were dead on arrival. Sure, they have their place, and can be useful here and there, but who needs another thing to do to get information. Just what today’s overloaded, over worked, no hands free shoppers needs… to hold their smart-phone up to a code, wiggle it around, wait for it to load, then observe.

Reminds me of the big plastic keys we used to have at the Bronx Zoo in the 1960′s that you inserted in a box outside the animal cages to hear a story… yeah, let’s bring them back ;-)

Please chime in if you have an opinion and have not already in the FB discussion below.

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