2012 Tech Trends Report

According to IBM’s State of Marketing survey, 48 percent of marketers believe that improved technology infrastructure will enable them to better meet the needs of customers, who are increasingly interacting with brands via multiple channels.  But there’s a disconnect: the majority of today’s marketers have had to learn—on the job and on the fly—how to incorporate technology, math and data analysis into their day-to-day jobs.  So today, IBM is launching a new and innovative program to address this knowledge gap and help students and business professionals develop new skills in business-critical areas and prepare for jobs of the future.  For marketing professionals, we believe that future will include the trend toward automation based on analytics that will empower CMOs, giving them new insights and deeper perspectives into the brands they helm.

The announcement made today highlights that a skilled workforce is essential to unlocking the value of advanced technologies.  That’s why we’re now offering professors the ability to download digital marketing and analytics software from IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative for use in the classroom. Through a series of hands-on learning modules, students will study topics like benchmarking and learn how to develop code to uncover online buying patterns, both of which are critical skills for many marketers today.

There’s more to come, so watch this space. In the meantime, we’re excited to work with the next generation of marketing and commerce professionals.

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