How to Serve Your Customers Better with Smarter Contract Management

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This is a guest post by Matt McGovern.

In a recent blog, Selling Powers highlighted that automating contract management can provide enterprise companies with a competitive advantage.  Read the post, “Why the Fortune 500 Automate the Sales Contract Process,” at

Technology has empowered customers – in both the consumer and business worlds – with greater access and transparency to information and raised their expectations for relevant communications, superior service, price and delivery.  For this reason, contracts, as the foundation of commerce, take on a more powerful role in enabling enterprises to achieve Smarter Commerce by aligning their commercial processes around their customers.  Companies with strong contract management practices are more likely to capture revenue opportunities, have better relationships with their customers and vendors, and actively enforce compliance and mitigate risks.

To learn more about how enterprise sales leaders can benefit from automating the sales contract process, IBM will be hosting a webinar on November 6 that will include a presentation from Allergan detailing the journey the company has taken to embed Contract Management technology into every aspect of Allergan’s commercial relationships. To join the webinar, register at

If you’d like more information on IBM’s contract management solution, please visit:

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