HP Hood Delivers Smarter Logistics with Cloud Solution

Technology has empowered consumers with greater access and transparency to information. It has significantly raised their expectations for relevant communications, superior service, competitive prices and on-time delivery.  So the question is, how do you meet such customer demand, while orchestrating your supply chain and managing your availability of products and services?  IBM believes the answer […]

Friday Factoid: April 27

Data from Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey revealed that 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know, 70% trust the opinions of strangers. Customers are increasingly willing to make purchasing decisions based on reviews from people within their online networks. Companies need to change how they serve these consumers with Smarter Commerce.  

IBM introduces new online retail economic indicator – Join the conversation!

**Post was updated on April 30 to include new dates and times. When it comes to shopping, consumers are increasingly empowered in the digital age.  With increasing online shopping, channels multiplying and consumer habits evolving daily, getting an accurate reading in such a fast-moving environment becomes a major challenge for retailers, especially chief marketing officers, […]

4 weeks to Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid!

The anticipation is building for Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid. Just one month from now, we’ll host our inaugural European summit which will offer you, our attendees, an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and network with some of the leading commerce experts from some of the world’s most respected brands. This event builds on […]

Synchronize Your Supply Chain to Achieve Smarter Commerce

If 87% of organizations in a recent survey view their business community as critical to their overall success, why do only 24% of them say they can effectively collaborate with their business community? It was interesting when we asked the respondents in the survey to “identify your primary driver for improving the way you synchronize […]

Supply Chain Visibility – Smarter Commerce, the Perfect Order and You

Supply chain disruptions have serious consequences. However, many companies continue to rely on manually-intensive processes to collect supply chain data from disparate systems and multiple trading partners, compiling it into spreadsheets.  Even in the best case scenario, today’s complex supply chains create too much data for manual processes to absorb. This causes a lack of […]

Banking on Customers: Why the Financial Industry Is Shifting from Products to People

Jim Gahagan, IBM Worldwide Industry Lead, Financial Services, Smarter Commerce  Banks have been taking it in the balance sheets lately. Small corner savings banks and large multinational institutions alike are seeing significant withdrawals in customer loyalty. The problem, many would say, is that technology—smart phones, social media, and always-on, instant access to information—is changing the […]

Friday Factoid: April 20

A full 79% of CMOs feel that complexity will be high or very high over the next five years, but only 48% feel prepared to handle it. Major concerns include data explosion and social media. So how can CMOs prepare to manage the impact of key changes? Learn more in IBM’s CMO Study.  

How the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid helps put your customers at the heart of business

If you follow news about IBM, then you know that our Smarter Commerce initiative puts the customer at the center of business. The Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid will feature a solution center doing just that, putting the customer, truly, at the heart of the conversation. This space will give attendees the opportunity […]

Free eBook: How to Use Analytics to Build Marketing that Works

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” So said Socrates. It turns out that the ancient Greek philosopher’s maxim is still relevant for today’s marketers. There’s no point in collecting data on customer behavior if you can’t understand what it means and how to act on it. Your customers are offering you a wealth of […]

File Transfer Growth is Exploding—Is Your Organization Ready?

With Smarter Commerce, a path is paved for smoother, more rapid  flow of goods and services, reduced latency and waste, and delivering goods and services more quickly and efficiently to customers around the world.  With that transformation comes increased demand for efficiently connecting and collaborating within and outside a company to conduct commerce.  For example, […]

But What About Customer Data?

Written by Paul McNulty, Director of Marketing, Enterprise Marketing Man­­agement Group. I read with interest a recent report in The Economist about how major retailers are adapting to changing customer behavior. Household-name companies like Macy’s and Walmart are beginning to embrace “omnichannel” commerce, by which consumers fluidly browse, engage and purchase across a variety of […]