Using technology to make food smarter: tracing the stages from production to distribution

Did you know you almost had to go without your tall glass of OJ with your eggs and bacon breakfast? An orange juice distributor in Brazil, an importer that accounts for 10% of all US supply, was shook up when a dangerous fungicide used on the oranges was discovered in its juice. The FDA halted […]

Part 2 – Social media and the city – The smarter social media city

Social media provides local government with powerful and flexible tools to deliver information services through a variety of channels. Equally important, it provides unique tools for formulating policy and redefining the meaning of accountability as well. Discovery techniques based on social media are already helping local authorities to shape the future and to define exactly […]

Biopsy Of An HTML Email

I feel compelled to say that I’m an avid reader of EaterSF; the recommendations have fueled numerous food adventures in and around San Francisco. That being said let me also state this is not meant to lambast or endorse the editors of this newsletter, only as a vehicle for creative analysis. As you can see […]

Cloud Commerce: Tailor Your Commerce Strategy via Cloud Solutions

By Wes Simonds Someone recently asked me how it was possible that cloud computing began to take off at just about the same time the economy got cold — circa 2008. This argument had a culinary simile: that major new technology shifts (such as cloud) are like ice cream. Delicious when things are hot, but […]

Part 1 – Social media and the city – Social media is changing the conversation

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare – we no longer just communicate; we interact. In the process, how can the wealth of information being generated by social media help us better understand how our cities function and create smarter cities in the process? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all report membership in the hundreds of millions. Google+, the […]

Sourcing Complex Categories – High Rewards

With Procurement teams under continuing pressure to find new savings, the focus of strategic sourcing activities needs to shift towards more complex categories. These are typically more critical to the core function of the business and often with ambiguous specifications that require expert interpretation. For this reason they are typically not part of the Procurement […]

A Definition of IBM Smarter Commerce and the Internet Evolution

by John Squire IBM launched Smarter Commerce—a strategic approach that places the customer at the center of your company’s business operations—in March of 2011. The response from customers, partners, analysts, and reporters has been overwhelmingly positive. But we occasionally get questions about how Smarter Commerce differs from other approaches to business. After all, doesn’t everything […]

From NRF: What November Shopping Data Tells Us about Shopping Trends to Watch

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending NRF (or as most people call it, Retail’s BIG Show) and as always I was very happy to see friends and colleagues. This year, I actually spoke about the online shopping trends that we at IBM observed during the 2011 holiday shopping season. I wanted to […]

Case study: Technology helps CSX create a smarter supply and demand chain

As the 2011 holiday season comes to an end, it is time for companies to reflect on how its supply chain dealt with the pressures of high demand and unforeseen obstacles. Holiday inventory and production plans can make or break a company’s year, so making it through the highest retail sales time of year successfully […]

When it Comes to ERP Systems: Is "Good Enough" Good Enough?

When it Comes to ERP Systems: Is “Good Enough” Good Enough? That’s the title of a new research paper by Bob Ferrari of the Ferrari Consulting Group and Supply Chain Matters. As those familiar with the supply management research market well know, Ferrari is a highly-regarded former analyst with AMR Research and IDC. Ferrari’s latest […]

The Secrets of Using Social Media to Build Brands and Win Customers

by Jill Puleri, GBS Global Retail Leader There’s nothing more crucial to retailers than how well they understand the consumer. Understanding consumers in a complex world is no easy feat. Consumers have become more selective, independent and self-servicing. Simultaneously, technology has transformed how consumers, shop for, share and recommend products. To influence purchasing decisions today–retailers […]

IBM is Geared Up for NRF!

by Karen Lowe, General Manager, Global Retail Industry at IBM Next week, a large group of IBMers will be heading to the Javits Center in New York for retail industry’s biggest tradeshow of the year, the National Retail Federation’s (NRF’s) Big Show. This year, NRF’s Big Show will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the many […]