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Summer means wedding planning, and any soon-to-be bride knows this is no small task. David’s Bridal knows it too. A leading e-Commerce retailer specializing in online marketing and sales of “everything wedding” – from dresses to invitations to those all-important reception keepsakes, David’s has used IBM’s Smarter Commerce and analytics capabilities to make sure the only crying takes place at the wedding itself, never in preparation for it.

Smarter commerce starts with better understanding the customer, and that’s where analytics come in. “The more we know about the bride, the more we can help her,” said Jerry Baklychi Director, Interactive Technology for David’s Bridal Corporation, “When we upgraded our Website, traffic increased 20 percent, and with the additional page visits, we were able to use analytics to better understand what our customers were looking for and finding most valuable. This enabled us to better provide them more what they want and need through the improved Website.” That’s smarter commerce benefits for both David’s Bridal and its customers.

Moving beyond traditional reports that provide no guidance on important trends, outliers or customer behavioral anomalies, David’s can now analyze  significant traffic, visitor and conversion trends to help improve conversions to sales and enhance visitor engagement.  Then, David’s can convert this new insight into  commerce and merchandising capabilities that  automate and create  more intelligent offers for  customers. For example, buying a wedding dress is a two-step process, but IBM’s Smarter Commerce cross-channel capabilities allow future brides to shop on the Web and save their choice, use their Smartphone to order the dress after they’ve showed it to mom, and arrange make alterations and in-store pick arrangements through a call center. .

There’s an old saying that after paying for a wedding, the only thing a father has left to give away is the bride. Smart retailers like David’s Bridal are taking a smarter approach to marketing and selling takes a lot of the stress out of wedding planning, and that makes it a little easier on dad and everyone else involved.

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I’m so glad that the inetrnet allows free info like this!



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