Biopsy Of A Memorial Day Promotion Offer

We’re on the threshold of a long weekend and I’m sure you’re about to check out, if you’re on the east coast that probably happened several hours ago. However if you’re still at your desk, nose to the grind-stone, considering smart offers and interesting ways of driving business from one channel to another, well feast […]

The State of Marketing? Survey Says…

Things here at Unica are busy.  We are now officially part of IBM, we’ve rolled out the 8.5 version of our enterprise product line, and we just put the wraps on a very successful user conference.  I’d be remise if I didn’t pause a moment to highlight a piece of news that you might have […]

M.Tech 2011…mmm, mmm, good marketing!

This just in: A rapid convergence of enterprise-wide marketing trends and technologies has changed the landscape for today’s marketing leaders, bringing about an enormous transformation.  In order to navigate this evolving terrain, companies must juggle myriad forces–from channel integration and analytics to automation and segmentation–and bring them together into one cohesive, efficient stream. Some companies […]

MIS Reflections From The C-Suite

The 2011 Marketing Innovation Summit is winding down to a close and like a summer spent by the shores of lake Wobegone; we’re all feeling a little blue knowing we will soon part paths with our new BFFs. Some, like First Tennessee Bank’s CMO Dan Marks, has chronicled the much storied experience on his blog […]

Gems From Unica’s Marketing Innovation Summit Keynotes

In case you missed this morning’s keynotes or aren’t here to participate in the spectacular mix of marketers and industry experts, here’s a recap of this morning’s gems as they exploded into the twitterverse at cosmic speeds. The track sessions have just started so stay tuned to #mis2011 for more insight and knowledge. slalomarketing‎ Radar: […]