IBM Reaches Agreement to Acquire Unica

Today, I am pleased to announce that we’ve just signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by IBM. I believe this new relationship is great news for Unica’s customers, partners, employees, and shareholders, as well as for IBM. When we founded Unica back in 1992, we had a modest ambition that grew over time.  But […]

How to Build the Business Case for Behavioral Targeting?

It is often said that building (or proving) the business case for (site-side) behavioral targeting has been a lot harder than justifying an investment in more straightforward site optimization techniques such as A/B testing. As a result, you can read independent industry analyst reports observing that some applications that can do testing and targeting (hint, […]

I’ve got the whole web analytics world…in my hands.

This week, we’re pleased to welcome Manoj Jasra to the Marketing Speakeasy. Manoj is an online strategist and noted blogger; you can check him out at Web Analytics World. Additionally, Manoj recently developed a cool eBook titled “Web Intelligence: Tips & Tricks,” which some anonymous readers have claimed to be a better page-turner than the […]

Since when does SEM no longer include SEO???

It used to be that SEM was the umbrella term for paid and organic search. Articles on search would begin with a sentence such as “Search engine marketing (SEM) comes in two types: paid (PPC) and organic (SEO).”. I used to abbreviate that as “SEM=PPC+SEO”. But something changed in the past 3-12 months. Now, most […]