Glocal Marketing. Think Globally, Act Locally. Now for Marketing, Not Just the Environment

The phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” has been used in many contexts – town planning, environment, and business.  How about using it to describe your marketing strategy? While by no means an English major, having worked at a text mining company, I’ll admit to being pretty interested in semantics.  It is fascinating to see new […]

I am the very model of a modern major…maturity model.

I am the very model of a modern major…maturity model… with no information vegetable, animal, or mineral required. Oooh, how about a little Gilbert & Sullivan for a summer day (depending on your hemisphere)? Welcome to the latest installment of the Marketing Speakeasy. This week’s guest is a leading voice for online analytics and a […]

Make the Most of A/B Website Testing with Coremetrics Reporting

If you’re ready to begin doing A/B testing on your site there are a number of good options available to track performance in Coremetrics reporting. For Homepage Testing Implement Page View tags with distinct Page IDs that flag each test version. For example, Page ID = Homepage A, Page ID = Homepage B. Test version […]

The Three Elements of Online Marketing

Does anyone remember the early ’90s cartoon show Captain Planet? When you hear that name what comes to mind? Perhaps Sunday morning cereal with the kids, the Planeteers or the magic rings, each controlling an element of nature? Whatever memory this show evokes, developing an online marketing campaign works with the same principle: there are […]

Measuring…no spoon required

In this week’s installment of the Marketing Speakeasy, we’re delighted to welcome Jodi McDermott, measurement whiz and senior director of product management at comScore. In considerable detail that follows, Jodi addresses some big questions related to audience measurement and web analytics. In related news, Jodi and our own master of multi-channel metrics, Akin Arikan, are […]

The retail space is about to see a mobile explosion (x2)

The iPhone 4 was released a few weeks ago and the results have surpassed the hype with 1.7 million phones flying off the shelves in the first three days alone. The iPad hasn’t done too shabby either, reportedly passing 3 million sales in the first 80 days. So, what does this mean for the future […]

The Marketing Speakeasy

Hello marketers. Today, we’re officially launching a Q&A summer series featuring industry experts, pundits, thought leaders, authorities and other synonyms. These Q&As are intended to inform and perhaps, at times, even entertain readers about big topics that just might impact many of us, the aforementioned marketers. We’re excited to kick things off with a renowned […] Scores Big with Advanced Email Targeting

I can imagine there are quite a few gloomy faces in the streets of Amsterdam this week as the Dutch national football team fell just one game short of football immortality on Sunday. I for one thought the Oranje played valiantly throughout the tournament, and their efforts should elicit nothing but pride from the Netherlands […]

Saving Time with Workbooks.

Workbook is one of the new features of Analytics 2010 introduced in June. It is a very useful tool that allows you to manage and group different reports in one place. For example they could be used by a retail company to provide separate groups of reports for each store. Each of these workbooks could […]

Outlook 2010, same old same old, mostly…

After a few weeks abroad I came back to a bevy of new releases and developments. Some of them are exciting, like the EU launch of the iPad which featured a line through to the Mac store within the Louvre that rivaled the line to get into the wing containing Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Among […]