Ad Testing, scheduling and more in Coremetrics Search 9

Today, we launched Coremetrics Search 9, a major upgrade to our PPC management solution. We’re very excited with the new features, which our great clients have requested. Here are some of the new capabilities:

Ad A/B Testing

Search marketers battle daily to stand out from the crowd with ads that maximize sales and conversions. They need to identify winning ads confidently and early to avoid wasting impressions.

The new ad A/B testing capability automatically specifies when enough data has been collected to declare ad winners and losers. Now, search managers can pause, delete or edit under-performing ads early enough to increase return on their ad spend.

 Ad A/B Testing in Coremetrics Search 9

           (click for full view)

Ad Scheduling

Many search advertisers regularly create, change and stop promotions, which require constant search ad updates.  Search engines do not support future ad activation or pause.

With the new ad scheduling features, clients can schedule ads to automatically activate and pause at any time in the future. Now you don’t need to set your alarm to wake up at midnight to activate a bunch of ads on each search engine. In fact, you can save up to 10% of your budget by suspending ads during down times.

Ad Scheduling in Coremetrics Search 9

           (click for full view)

@MHamiltonBailey from Hanover Direct says that “synchronizing ad creatives with the promotional and circulation calendars of five individual brands has long been our Achilles heel, and Search 9’s scheduling feature vastly simplifies the administrative burden associated with maintaining a dynamic ad inventory.”

The new release includes additional features, and I invite you to learn more.

Coremetrics Search is different from other search tools out there because it’s built from the ground up as fully integrated with the Coremetrics Continuous Optimization Platform. As such, it offers unique benefits to practitioners and managers, such as full attribution support, keyword recommendations on proven terms, cost-effective search user retargeting and more. Here is a blog post that goes through these and other platform-based benefits.

Which features are most important to you in a search management application? Please use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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Mudi Mustapha

That’s perfect insight to save on Ad spending.

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