Lycos Email Client Upgraded

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Starting on March 23rd Lycos began to roll out a new email client. The new front end is powered by Zimbra, an open source collaboration suite.

The roll-out of the new email client is happening in stages and is still ongoing as of the 25th of March. In addition to changing the email client changes were made to the imap servers. The old imap server address was to People accessing mail via imap should update the imap service to continue to receive it in their mail client of choice.

Zimbra’s new client includes a preview pane which is new addition to the mailbox; the overall feel and look of Zimbra’s mail client is not unlike that of an Outlook Web Access client. The default reading pane is positioned below the mailbox list view just like the default preview pane of Outlook 2003. The following screenshots show you a before and after:

Old Lycos email client

New Lycos email client

CSS & design Support in Lycos

The new email client appears to have limited support for CSS. Background images defined through CSS are not supported and will not render as an in-line style, however background colors defined as in-line styles will work. Font manipulation and inheritance is supported via in-line style. The overall result of the new client’s rendering is not unlike Gmail’s with similar support for CSS. Because Gmail does not support style sheets (either in the head or anywhere else in the body) designers should instead rely on in-line styles as the lowest common denominator when designing emails.

The addition of a preview pane is an added boon for marketers as it gives their emails a better chance of being noticed. However, the new email client, preview pane included, has images disabled by default so although the message might get someone’s attention it still takes a recipient’s click in order to enable images and thereby register as an open.

-Len Shneyder
Unica | Pivotal Veracity

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Very, very, very unhappy with the new format.
Yes, it is free but it is so bad that I am looking for a less jumbled, easier to read, easier to use email provider.
The old system let you mouse over any email and read the sender address without clicking, It was very useful to ID spam. This feature is also missing.
Slower to load too.
Lots space for everything but a simple email reading page.
Lycos fixed it so it is much worse to use! HATE IT!



I have not seen so much trash mail in my inbox. What tha heck happened to the spam blocker.



SPAM filtering is gone, speed is slower…two important features have taken two steps backward.


Felix Atagong

I can only agree with the above comment, none of my dozens of spam filtering rules work any more. None of my mails enter the right directories any more.

The only good thing is that I could, for a few months, retrieve my mails through IMAP, but unfortunately Lycos seems to have disabled this (of course without warning) since a couple of days now.



Unusable. Cant get rid of or make small lower box so I can see my mail.
Lower box in the way and is smaller, inferior display of open mail.
Looking for alternative, sadly.



The old Lycos mail software was at least useable. The new version appears to have been written by a foreignor or something…it is goofy and does goofy things to you. Yahoo changed theirs too and it is also in Yahoo style intrusively obnoxious. Old and simple is this users choice. Lycos cannot even allow a proper receive and fetch scheme. Some one said with Yahoo the easiest way to avoid not being pestered by YAHOO MESSENGER NAGGING is to not check the “remember me” box when sighning in. It may be that I am running Windows 7 64bit. That does stop THE NAGGING but is against the usage grain and prohibits much Yahoo use. Google therefor becomes the winner of that competition.

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