The Art of the Start: What We Learned from the 2009 Holiday Season

Today I had the pleasure to host a webinar with Kurt Peters, editor in chief of Internet Retailer. The topic at hand was what retailers (or indeed, any business) can take away from what happened during the 2009 holiday season. There are no two ways about it: 2009 was a wild ride. So how is […]

Thoughts for 2010

William Greene, Senior Business Analyst As we enter 2010 most of you are already planning your online strategies and goals for the first quarter. As such, I wanted to highlight three trends that I see increasing in 2010. 1. Social Aspects of Commerce – We have seen product reviews gain prominence in the last few […]

Announcing: A wizard for optimizing natural search (SEO)

“The best things in life are free”, they say, and organic search traffic might seem free at first glance. But in truth, as you will know, organic search isn’t free at all. It requires hard SEO work upfront before you can rank well for highly coveted keywords. This wizard is for any marketer looking to […]