Smartphones Light Up Holiday Shopping

These days it’s hard to turn around without seeing an ad for a new smartphone. After the iPhone kick-started the mobile web two years ago we’re finally seeing worthy competitors that are able to deliver a satisfying web experience on mobile devices. According to the Pew Research Center, on any given day, 57.8 million American […]

Using Google Ad SiteLinks with Coremetrics

What’s Google Ad SiteLinks? I’ve had a lot of clients ask me recently about Google Ad SiteLinks. Most of the questions I get are on tracking the SiteLinks traffic in Coremetrics Search, as well as how search managers can use SiteLinks to their advantage to actually drive more (and better) conversions. According to Google (and […]

Investigating a Drop in Conversion: A Quick How To

William Greene, Senior Business Analyst Some of the hardest things for less experienced web analysts to investigate are often some of the most basic; questions such as “why did my conversion drop?” or “why did my bounce rate suddenly increase?” are often so large that that they can be overwhelming and difficult for a new […]

A Wizard for Web Analysts

Modern web analytics solutions can answer almost any question. But until recently, practitioners had been left to their own devices when it came to figuring out what series of questions to ask. So, each practitioner has had to reinvent “analysis” on their own. Lots of books and helpful consultants are available to educate practitioners on […]