How to measure social media accurately

Social media is a powerful way for organizations to connect with passionate customers, prospects and website visitors. Too many social media programs, however, are implemented without a reliable process to quantify their impact on top- or bottom-line goals. How successful was a video in driving users to the site? What kind of comments are users […]

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Joe Davis Talks About our Special Offer

Straight talk from our CEO: hear about our 100% money-back guarantee and free migration offer for any Omniture client.

Effective PPC Campaign Cloning

In the world of Search Engine Marketing, one of the many “must have” features in an SEM application is the ability to quickly grow one’s portfolio of keywords to increase coverage – either using relevant keyword suggestions or the ability to clone keywords quickly from one vendor across to another via a Campaign Cloning feature. […]

Make Every Analytics Report Actionable

We use various kinds of reports to understand a customer’s behavior toward products, white papers, landing pages etc., and how they respond to marketing campaigns on different channels like SEM, email, display ads, affiliates and others. Single Channel Management (SCM) applications, a common offering by many companies, provide clients the ability to manage isolated marketing […]

How Can I Understand the True Value of My Ad Spend

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Watch our CFO, Terry Schmid, talk about ad spend from the financial guy’s perspective. Got comments? Post them here, please.

Hey, Those Are People on Your Site: Why Counting Clicks Doesn’t Work

Who decided that counting clicks is the only way to go if you want to know how your business is performing? And when did we, as consumers, readers, bloggers, and tweeters abdicate our rights to be viewed as people (individual people, to be precise) by online companies? Think about it: I’m clicking, but I’m not […]