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Transforming B2B Sales: Unleashing the Power of AI and Automation in Telecommunications

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In the dynamic world of telecommunications, staying ahead requires constant innovation. VMO2, a renowned leader in the field, recently embarked on a journey to evaluate latest technology as an opportunity to enhance end-to-end customer experiences and automate low-value tasks within their B2B sales process. The aim was to achieve time and cost savings, while improving sales conversion.

To leverage this opportunity, we had to overcome some challenges. From navigating complex technologies to ensuring a seamless customer journey, VMO2 recognized the need for a comprehensive solution. This led to a collaboration with experts from Client Engineering and Consulting, under my technical leadership, to build a pilot that could reimagine the sales experience.

“Working with the IBM team was refreshing and effortless. We came with a high-level problem and the team helped us to visualise and prioritise a solution whilst also putting together an end-to-end POC, which allowed us and other stakeholders to see what good looks like, and how quickly a solution can be put together.”

Jerry Boyd, VMO2

At the heart of our solution lay the integration of watsonx, IBM’s AI and data platform, and watsonx Assistant, our virtual agent. This dynamic duo empowered us to craft a smart virtual assistant, capable of providing real-time support to customers at every step. By harnessing the unique capabilities of, the generative AI model behind the assistant was trained on VMO2’s proprietary data, and the virtual assistant delivered personalized recommendations with unparalleled precision.

Our innovation didn’t end there. Understanding the importance of operational efficiency, we integrated the watsonx solution with IBM’s Business Automation Workflow (BAW) to automate key steps in the sale process. Leveraging data collected by the virtual assistant, we streamlined everything from billing creation to shipment and installation, ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and employees.

Another standout feature of our solution was the integration of Cisco Meraki, a leading networking product. By leveraging insights gathered by the virtual assistant, we expedited the activation process, facilitating a smooth transition from sales to implementation.

Through the pilot, VMO2 foresaw significant potential for improvement in sales conversion ratios and a reduction in provisioning time, which could ultimately lead to revenue growth. With the integration of watsonx, BAW, and Cisco Meraki, VMO2 is able not only to optimize the sales processes but also elevate the customer experience to unprecedented levels.

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, innovation becomes a key to success. Our pilot serves as a testament to the benefits of embracing digital transformation.

Client Engineering Technology Engineer

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