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Welcome to episode 3 in our interview series, This is my IBM. This week I talk to Gian Mario Deluigi, from our Software sales team in IBM Ireland. Gian explains more about his role in business development, how he continues to learn new things at IBM and his passion for mentoring local students to help them achieve their dreams.

Gian, can you tell me a bit more about your role at IBM?

I bring IBM Integration solutions to the market in the most effective way. I define our Go to Market strategy and align it with the interests of all stakeholders, from technical project managers and architects, from sellers to senior leadership and Business Partners.

When did you join IBM and what led you to work here?

I joined IBM in Ireland in January 2020 as a Graduate Business Development Rep in the Digital Sales Organisation, to build on my existing commercial and sales skills. IBM felt like the perfect company – one of the most prestigious tech companies with a great history of driving technological innovation offering virtually any possible career path in the lT industry.

So, tell me a bit about what are you working on right now?  How is it making the world work better?

I’m focused on bringing IBM’s integration solutions to specific industries, helping to solve those compelling challenges that affect their businesses. One example is Open Banking and Open Finance – banks are starting to realise the enormous value that these technologies can bring to the market, letting end customers do more with its financial data, and in turn creating more tailored services that make everyone’s life easier and better.

Any challenges you have faced along the way?

Most definitely. My first opportunity as a Business Development Rep involved one of our historical customers that wanted to migrate its workloads to our competitors. I worked hard to build a strong relationship of trust with the client, explained how our offerings were still better in terms of performances and clarity of pricing, and propose a solid counter-offer. It taught me a good lesson: at IBM, our clients really matter, and we never give up.

Imagination and creativity are really important to us as IBMers. Can you think of when you last used your creativity to inspire change?

I believe that being creative is the only way to truly make a difference at IBM. I recently reshaped our “What’s new” page for the App Connect offering with a new layout and innovative interactive content and now all future similar pages are taking a similar approach, making things more usable and self-explanatory for our customers.

What has been the most surprising aspect of life at IBM?

I am constantly surprised by our environment that allows you to constantly learn new things – which is paramount to enable employees to grow from a professional point of view.

What have you learnt about yourself since being at IBM?

I learned that nothing in impossible: a change in career path, an innovative product brought to market in record time, an assignment on the other side of the world – you just need to make it happen!

And as well as your day-job, are there any other initiatives that you are passionate about?

Alongside taking part in our environmental initiative Bee Green here in Ireland, I mentor both new hires and students as part of our successful P-TECH programme. I am passionate about motivating the workforce of the future with my own story of success through hard work and determination.

Who inspires you?

Those people that have insanely big ideas in their mind, who work hard every day to make them come true, especially when focused on solving the big issues that we have in this world, particularly in terms of sustainability.

Other than what you do for work, what do you enjoy doing outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

I am an “almost-professional” pizza maker and Italian chef in general. I also love hiking and I’m obsessed with cars (especially the sporty-red ones with a prancing horse logo in the front!)

Learn more about IBM Ireland’s P-TECH programme >

And finally, find out how the next IBMer in the series responds to the question that Gian poses at the end of his audio interview and discover how they turn ideas into action. What inspires them. What has surprised them. And what they mean when they say This is my IBM.

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