IBM – UKI Salesforce Partner of the Year Award 2021/22

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IBM are absolutely delighted to have been awarded Salesforce UKI Partner of the Year Award 2021/22!

3 years ago, in the IBM Salesforce Consulting Services practice we set a vision to become ‘The most admired GSI in the UK & Ireland’.

Since setting that vision, we have worked relentlessly towards that goal. We have partnered with Salesforce more than ever before, running joint marketing initiatives which include enablement sessions with Salesforce, roundtables and in-person events with our customers, and social media campaigns across all Salesforce brands including MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack. We’ve created industry leading thought leadership in Accelerating Healthcare Transformation through Patient-Centred MedTech Solutions which explains how connected devices can give healthcare professionals real-time data to help save lives, and A Connected CRM at the Heart of Your Growth in the Media and Entertainment which provides a playbook of how to achieve business growth by consolidating your CRM to give a seamless customer experience and avoid business silos.

We’ve also given back to the Salesforce ecosystem through driving certification initiatives to build out new skills and capabilities within our IBM Salesforce Practice, as well as starting a Salesforce apprenticeship schemes with Northeastern University, to help bring new talent into the ecosystem and set them up for success for a career with Salesforce. Our UKI Salesforce Technical Director, Hamed Izadpanah, is also giving back the ecosystem through his Salesforce Explained video series, giving overviews, technical deep dives, and architectural overviews of numerous Salesforce products and processes.

IBM and Salesforce have collaborated more than ever on projects that make a real difference to our joint customers. Together we are ensuring that the UK is equipped to meet sustainability targets set by the government. We are helping companies consolidate applications on to one platform to streamline business processes and save on operational cost and drive growth. Most importantly we are saving the lives of citizens by building solutions for the Test and Trace programme at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) reducing processing time for COVID-19 test results from 8 hours to 16 minutes. At the Health Service Executive (HSE) we collaborated to deliver the vaccination programme in Ireland, integrating the central health service with GPs and pharmacies for the first time in their history using MuleSoft, and to date has administer over 11 million vaccinations across the country. The delivery of this program won the coveted Global Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in 2021, along with our stellar contact centre work at First Group, and the UKI Public Sector Partner of the Year award.

We are humbled to win the UKI Salesforce Partner of the Year 2021/22 award, and we celebrate all the great work every single person across IBM and Salesforce has done to contribute to this win, but we are also looking to the future. This is only the beginning for our partnership. We have an exciting road ahead of us and we can’t wait to share more successes with you as we progress on our joint journey!

‘Better Together’.

UKI Salesforce Partner Manager

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