IBM Cloud for Public Sector in the UK

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UK Government and IBM sign public cloud agreement to accelerate innovation across the public sector

If you follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn you may have seen me in a short video sharing excellent news: the UK Government and IBM have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for IBM Cloud. This is a first for IBM, and I’m delighted that we are recognised as a partner for the public sector as it continues on its digital transformation journey.

IBM Cloud Playbook

I’ve been getting more and more acquainted with ‘The Cloud Playbook’, built as part of the One Government Cloud Strategy work, and I can see much there that demonstrates we are a good match. Take the recommendations to build on open standards for example IBM has a long history in ‘Open’, and our acquisition of Red Hat definitely proves our belief in it. I am pretty sure IBM’s cloud is the most open “From the hypervisor to developer tools to blockchain and AI, IBM Cloud™ is built on open source technology.” There’s a discussion about vendor lock-in – one of the reasons that OpenShift is so relevant, providing a mechanism to build consistently on any cloud. Then there’s the impact of transformation meaning that Departments and organisations will likely end up with multiple infrastructures and environments to manage as they transition from a traditional, on-premises set up to become cloud-enabled businesses. We know that this is hard, and we know how to help.

Why organisations choose a flexible and secure Cloud: The benefits of IBM Cloud for Public Sector in the UK

To find out more I’d recommend joining our webinar on 3rd September, featuring both Crown Commercial Services and IBM, as we discuss the importance of this MOU. There will be opportunity there for you to ask questions of the speakers. You can sign up via this link.

This is the first in a series of several webinars about IBM Cloud; keep an eye on our events page to find out more.

CTO Public Sector UK, IBM Executive Architect

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