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By Sam Missingham on 22 January, 2021

Read it here first; what Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment can learn from the transformation of the book industry

As someone who has tracked the digital transformation of the book business for 12 years, I have always kept an eye on the wider trends across other entertainment industries. My personal view is, with the consumer at the heart of all of our businesses, there is always plenty to learn from each other. IBM have […]

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By Paul Clarke and Nihart Trivedi on 21 August, 2019

How can you drive meaningful change in your organisation?

Recent innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and robotics have the potential to revolutionise business as we know it, with each of these cutting-edge technologies promising to deliver greater productivity, increased efficiency and enhanced decision making. While most businesses are keen to harness the power of AI and automation, many organisations struggle to drive real […]

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By Stuart Foster on 21 August, 2019

Ready to thrive in a new age of evolving tastes, emerging technologies and disrupted markets?

Every business will face fresh challenges in the years ahead thanks to evolving markets, advances in technology and fast-changing consumer expectations. Yet, for telecommunications, media and entertainment companies the pace of change is especially swift and the challenges that they face are acutely complex. Meeting the needs of a data-hungry tomorrow Companies operating in these […]

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By Dan Bailey on 15 May, 2019

Pitching for Success: Deepening Customer Engagement with AI

News reports tend to sensationalise the existing state and future potential of AI technology, leading to unrealistic expectations in the business community and generating unfounded concerns in wider society. Thanks in part to the hype surrounding AI, many C-level executives are unsure how they can add value to their organisations with the technology. Recent research […]

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By Bill Kelleher on 17 January, 2019

The next level of collaboration between IBM and Vodafone

I’m excited to share the next level of our two decades of collaboration between IBM and Vodafone today, which accelerates our strategy to drive consistent and open Cloud management. Our two companies have entered a new strategic commercial agreement to provide clients with the open, flexible technologies they need to integrate multiple clouds. We’ve also […]

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By Dan Bailey on 14 January, 2019

The Rise of Virtual Assistants: Lessons on Scale and Bias for Your AI Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to remain a red-hot growth area. Research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that by 2022, global spending on AI projects will reach $77.6 billion: nearly three times the forecast for 2018. But as telco, media and entertainment companies press ahead with AI initiatives, significant challenges lie ahead. As […]

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By Andrew Crisp on 3 December, 2018

Customer Experience vs Customer Engagement

With consumers wanting to experience media and content in new ways, Telco and Media & Entertainment companies must find new means to engage with existing and potential customers with the goal of developing new markets, new revenue streams and new business efficiencies. Earlier this year, I joined George Bevir, Editor, IBC365, to discuss the ever-growing trade-off of […]

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By Dan Bailey on 9 November, 2018

Using AI to Transform the Customer Experience

What Can You Learn from the Past? The old cliché still holds true: if you don’t learn from history, then you’re likely to repeat your mistakes. But by digging into the past, you can uncover a wealth of insights to guide your next initiative—and this is especially true as companies aim to unlock the huge […]

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By Ali Davis on 17 September, 2018

AI can help media companies gain competitive edge. It’s do or die!

Fundamentally, media and entertainment companies thrive by engaging audiences. However, in a world where, on average, adults check their phones 150 times per day, a frequency that rises to 300 times for teenagers* (*Director TV Personalisation, Sky UK, Sept 2018), true engagement – where the audience is invested in the experience and keen to return […]

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By Russell Johns on 12 September, 2018

AI: If it’s not in your call centre, how are you delivering the best customer service?

Here are a few tips on where to invest and how to get started with AI Be in no doubt, Artificial Intelligence is here, and it is changing everything, augmenting humans to achieve and deliver more. The reality is that AI is impacting our lives in many ways every day, sometimes visible, mostly unseen, and […]

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By Andrew Crisp on 28 August, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: a Step Change in Customer Engagement

Experience. It’s been the buzzword on everyone’s lips for some time.  Media and entertainment (M&E) companies want to create new content, make it available anywhere, anytime (sometimes real time) and make it personal.  Telecom businesses want to offer a different set of services, move away from commodities, and in doing so set themselves apart with […]

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