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Code@Think – Build the skills you need to emerge smarter

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Build the skills you need to emerge smarter at Code@Think

If we’re going to emerge smarter from the challenges 2020 has thrown us, we’re going to need the best technology available – and, more importantly, the skills to manipulate it.

We’re living through an era of transformation like no other. We’ve all experienced phenomenal change over the last few months; the way we live, work and innovate is in a state of flux, and the pace of transformation is quickening. The next steps we take – as developers, as businesses, and as individuals – may define us for decades to come. With technology so fundamental to this era of business transformation, there’s no question in my mind that developers have got to be part of the conversation.

As a developer myself and leader of IBM’s Developer Ecosystem Group for Europe, I’m excited we are able to put on Code@Think as part of Think Digital Summit UK & Ireland 2020 on 7 October. As IBM’s annual festival of innovation, Think is always a highlight of the year, but this one will be really special. We have risen to the challenge of 2020 to design a fully virtual event that brings together the best thinkers and most exciting technologies to help you navigate uncertainty.

Live and breathe the technology at Code@Think

The afternoon’s dedicated Code@Think event features a thrilling line-up of talks and workshops designed to arm you with the skills to create your own future – all from the comfort of your own home. The rich programme of live-stream and interactive content will unleash motivation, learning and plenty of opportunities to collaborate.

You can sign up for one-on-one chats with IBM developer advocates who live and breathe the technology. There will be hands-on workshops and talks devoted to building your skills in AI, machine learning, cloud computing, container technology, data science and more.

Cloud in action

I’ll be kicking off the day by taking stock of some of the big changes in the technology landscape, with a focus on cloud-native application development. Hybrid cloud will be a big topic throughout the day. We know it will play a vital role in the survival of businesses by allowing us to consolidate resources, scale faster and orchestrate processes through automation, so we’ll be offering up plenty of opportunities to build your skills in this area. Application modernisation and machine learning will also be strong themes for the day.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Dr Margriet Groenendijk’s talk about building fair and explainable AI. The topic of how we remove discrimination from machine learning has never been more relevant, as algorithms come under scrutiny for morally questionable or even illegal bias. And you won’t want to miss Matt Hamilton’s showcase of Choirless, a platform built during lockdown to allow singers and musicians to perform together. It really demonstrates the power and beauty of IBM Cloud.

I am also giving a technical talk on how to build a Covid-19 data analytic application with Kubernetes and openshift. For those developers, who want to run their your own analytics on covid-19 data, and examine data sets in order to draw a particular conclusion, this talk will showcase the application on IBM Cloud.

Discussion and debate

Everything is up for grabs for ambitious developers who want to use technology to build a better future. And the learning doesn’t start and end on 7 October. You will have opportunities to plan ahead, ask questions and continue the discussion with the experts and other delegates through our social channels.

To say it has been an interesting year so far would be an understatement. I’m looking forward to meeting so many of you from the wider developer community and hearing about the ways you have been helping your organisations to adapt to the new normal.

Join us at Code@Think for a chance to fully immerse yourself in the skills you need to take on the future.

Code@Think 2020 is on 7 October 2020. Check out the agenda and register now.

Head of Developer Advocacy, Europe

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