By Mark Davies on November 13, 2018

NHS England looks to the future

This year the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) turned 70, making it the ideal time to reflect on its many achievements, and also to look ahead, and consider how the NHS can continue to deliver quality care for all in the face of modern challenges such as an ageing population and a rise in lifestyle-related […]

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By Alex Small on November 13, 2018

Innovation through data – The Right Road Ahead

For the last few years, there has been considerable confusion amongst construction product manufacturers regarding how to make their “BIM” (Building information modelling) information available to the market. With a lack of standards and guidance, manufacturers are struggling to effectively communicate and keep their product information up to date.  This represents a risk to the […]

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By Simon Edward on November 7, 2018

Think London 2018 – THINK You’re Ready?

How are emerging technologies changing the way we live, work and interact with one another every day? How can artificial intelligence bring the future even closer? How can we win the cybersecurity game? IBM’s signature UK event, Think London 2018, will provide you with answers to these questions by showcasing how we are helping clients […]

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By Thomas Fleetham on November 6, 2018

Football’s Must Win Game

Football is changing. Season ticket holders are getting older and digital disruption threatens the status quo and the traditional way fans view the beautiful game. With full stadiums and the continued growth in TV revenue no longer guaranteed, it is time for football clubs to harness the power of technology to enhance fan experience, without […]

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By Andreas Haimboeck-Tichy on November 1, 2018

Cloud computing; is it the treatment for our over-burdened NHS?

Faced with a growing, maturing population and diminishing resources, it’s crunch time for the NHS. Rising patient numbers mean there’s more data to interpret, which puts a strain on ageing technology. Combine this with a public that expects faster, more secure, more personalised care, and something has to change. Under these pressures, the NHS struggles […]

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By Chris Nott on October 22, 2018

Ensuring Trust in Government Services

Becoming Citizen-Driven The focus on the consumer driving digital disruption in commercial sectors has raised expectations of Government.  The whole of government is becoming citizen centric, and digitising government demands that today’s departments silos are spanned.  Government is becoming devolved and decentralised and the technical challenge is accentuated by the business change.  Citizen-centricity demands one […]

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By Chris Nott on October 10, 2018

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

“How was the decision made?” The department’s minister and permanent secretary sat before a select committee looking into a recent tragedy. “The system made the decision using artificial intelligence,” came the reply.  The decision made was poor and had triggered a catastrophic sequence of events. “How did the system make the decision?” the chairman persevered.  […]

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By Bharat Bhushan on September 19, 2018

Digital Transformation – How to Differentiate and Create Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era

Over 60 years, Information Technology (IT) industry has and continues to transform organisations through digitising and automating tasks and processes. Starting with simple mathematical operations, IT has now evolved to highly complex algorithms that, for example, can compute and predict national demand for utility consumption every few minutes. A by-product of automation is data – […]

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By Ian Baker on September 18, 2018

The government AI project has already begun

Public sector bodies around the world are already reaping the rewards of investing in AI technology. Originally published in NewStatesmen. By Ian Baker. The promise of artificial intelligence is no longer a nebulous concept on the horizon. The private sector is already exploiting its possibilities, and governments are following suit. We use the broad term […]

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By Ali Davis on September 17, 2018

AI can help media companies gain competitive edge. It’s do or die!

Fundamentally, media and entertainment companies thrive by engaging audiences. However, in a world where, on average, adults check their phones 150 times per day, a frequency that rises to 300 times for teenagers* (*Director TV Personalisation, Sky UK, Sept 2018), true engagement – where the audience is invested in the experience and keen to return […]

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