By Dr. Nicole Mather on 13 September, 2019

Reinventing clinical trials: delivering on the vision of digital transformation in health

Last year 870,000 patients in the NHS had the opportunity to access cutting-edge treatments early as part of clinical trials.  NHS DigiTrial is one of seven new hubs announced by Health Data Research UK. The hubs aim to reinvent the approach to trials, enabling cutting-edge research for health discoveries, to help bring new therapies to […]

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By Petrena Prince on 11 September, 2019

3 Ways IBM is Helping UK Universities Beat Disruption

UK Universities are amongst the best in the world, being home to four of the top 10 international universities. They are at the forefront of world-leading research which drives innovation, economic vitality and improves people’s everyday lives in all sorts of ways. However, the competition has never been so tough for the universities and higher […]

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By Rupert Clegg and Bob Booth on 3 September, 2019

CFO: the restless reinventor – Chapter 1

We stand at the starting-block for the next big shift in business. As radical new technology poses unprecedented possibilities for businesses, the CFO role is expanding in every direction. Five years ago, the CFO’s time was dedicated to reporting, cost reduction and investor management; today, they must adapt to the challenges and embrace the opportunities […]

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By Francesco Brenna on 29 August, 2019

Why it makes sense to start your AI journey in the IBM Garage.

A surprising statistic from a recent report, picked up by Forbes and others in March, suggested that 40 percent of European firms calling themselves “AI start-ups” are not, in fact, deploying AI technology at all. The implication seems to be that hype around AI is just that: hype. My experience, though, is that established businesses […]

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By Stephen Warwick on 28 August, 2019

Festival of Innovation

Visit our major UK software lab at this free event Hursley Lab is our biggest UK R&D site. Here’s where we invent and build the new technology that is changing the world. Thousands of people come to Hursley every year for customer briefings, public sector discussions, training, hackathons, design sessions and developer events. Now you […]

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By Bob Booth on 22 August, 2019

Get agile to build delightful customer experiences.

Work fast – with purpose – and break down internal boundaries to become a Cognitive Enterprise Digital disruption today is a given. Technology is fundamentally changing life and business with such breadth, depth and scale – and, importantly, at such an exponential pace – that businesses are forced to rethink the way they organise themselves. […]

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By Lindsay Herbert on 22 August, 2019

Digital transformation: your questions answered by Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay Herbert is Innovation Leader for IBM iX UKI and an IBM Inventor. In addition to advising company leaders worldwide on how to further their innovation agendas, Lindsay also invents breakthrough technologies for IBM itself. Her most recent invention is the IBM Instant Checkout, a revolutionary innovation for retail. This ground-breaking technology has been featured […]

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By Jeremy Worrell on 21 August, 2019

Fail … but not TOO fast.

A critical theme of digital transformation is the drive for innovation, and rightly so.    Many years ago this was my “thing”. I led work on creative innovation for a client with a household name … and I loved the work. But like any other fashion, innovation easily falls into disrepute. It’s really easy to […]

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By Paul Clarke and Nihart Trivedi on 21 August, 2019

How can you drive meaningful change in your organisation?

Recent innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and robotics have the potential to revolutionise business as we know it, with each of these cutting-edge technologies promising to deliver greater productivity, increased efficiency and enhanced decision making. While most businesses are keen to harness the power of AI and automation, many organisations struggle to drive real […]

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By Stuart Foster on 21 August, 2019

Ready to thrive in a new age of evolving tastes, emerging technologies and disrupted markets?

Every business will face fresh challenges in the years ahead thanks to evolving markets, advances in technology and fast-changing consumer expectations. Yet, for telecommunications, media and entertainment companies the pace of change is especially swift and the challenges that they face are acutely complex. Meeting the needs of a data-hungry tomorrow Companies operating in these […]

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By Vijay Sharma on 21 August, 2019

Data on the brain.

A smarter way to curate data that serves your platform and differentiates your business. No doubt, your business has spent the last decade amassing big data. You may think this gives you an advantage over the start-ups that are snapping at your heels. But it’s what you do with it that really matters. Business leaders […]

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By John Kaduthodil on 16 August, 2019

Rugby Football Union, IBM delivering a refreshed digital experience.

Staying relevant, maintaining and exceeding expectations for fans and players: for any sporting organisation this is a continual challenge but also critical for the success of the sport. Ultimately fans and players are the lifeblood of the organisation and with the importance of digital channels as a primary access point and expectations of service quality […]

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By Jill Robinson on 14 August, 2019

IBM’s Internship program is helping Marwell Zoo improve its recycling with smart technology

Marwell Zoo, home to more than 140 species in a range of innovative and sustainable exhibits, is owned by Marwell Wildlife, a global conservation charity. The zoo welcomes more than half a million visitors each year and wants to encourage them to help save the planet, too. “We all know we should recycle,” said Duncan […]

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By Roger Needham on 6 August, 2019

Understanding visibility in a time of change

From inventory levels to trade barriers, awareness of the position and flow of your supply-chain is more valuable than ever Supply-chain professionals who are looking for new technologies to lower costs and increase profits are bombarded with one term more than almost any other: visibility. It’s the catch-all buzzword in supply chain, but its meaning […]

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By Ian Robotham on 5 August, 2019

Banks, clouds and castles; the growth of cloud computing in banking

The castle walls of these incumbent banks are starting to open and the opportunities beyond the constrained world of the fortifications are tremendous The growth of cloud computing across all industries has been well documented.  Across the board, the barriers to adoption (both perceived and regulatory) are being lowered.  When it comes to Financial Services, […]

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