Building Loyalty Through IoT

We are just six weeks into the New Year and one thing has become crystal clear — businesses have made IoT a top priority for 2017. According to new research from Gartner, there will be 20.8 billion connected devices by 2020. But the impetus behind these investments isn’t solely about creating the next ground-breaking, life-altering […]

How Visa Embraced IoT to Advance Commerce

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and drive a more connected world, it is changing the way we live, shop and pay by moving data and the point-of-sale to wherever the consumer wants it to be. Visa’s new global collaboration with IBM is designed to bring the point-of-sale everywhere by allowing businesses […]

Machine Learning Ushers in a World of Continuous Intelligence

For decades, data and analytics have played an important role in our economy. The process of analyzing data, however, remains labor intensive. Even with the most advanced techniques, data scientists spend countless hours developing, testing and retooling analytic models one step at a time. Worse yet, most organizations cannot find enough data scientists to complete […]

How Cognitive is Helping One Hospital Curb ‘Code Blues’

Preventable medical errors remain the third leading cause of death in the United States, despite tremendous investments in healthcare technology to improve care, standardize practices, and make choosing “the next best action” easier for healthcare professionals. In Canada, Code Blue, the term used for emergency medical intervention, is the second costliest type of acute care […]

Girding the Grid with Cognitive Computing

The electrical grid has become a network of billions of linked devices with highly complex energy and information flows. Add to this the elevated role of the consumer as a producer and you are looking at a massive volume, velocity and variety of data from smart meters, transformers, and substations that remains largely untapped. One […]

Four Ways Blockchain Could Aid Governments

Governments around the world are facing challenges that range from budgetary pressures arising from economic stagnation to aging populations. Many have severely constrained resources, including the ability to access and analyze data to create greater economies. By making it easier to securely share data between institutions and individuals, blockchain technology could help relieve some of […]