Marloes Roelands

AI & Industry 4.0 beyond the hype : putting AI into practice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a real value driver for organizations. As the power of algorithms, computing and amounts of data surge, companies within manufacturing and industry start to see an increasing amount of use cases. These systems could drive efficiency and enhance capability. But also automatize tasks, decrease costs and improve revenue. Success and […]

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Struggling with Artificial Intelligence?

Wondering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) really works? Do you feel like it is just a black box which, when asked, magically comes up with an answer? Do you trust the so called “black box”? Recently this article appeared in the dutch newspaper The Telegraaf about Ethics and AI. It touched the discussion on how algorithms […]

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What will successful organizations look like in the cognitive era?

Imagine, you enter the office on a Monday morning and you find the robot sitting next to you. First things first. You are keen to get your morning coffee. You ask the robot: “Good morning robot, what coffee would you suggest today?” Based on what you always drink, the day of the week and today´s […]

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