Mando Rotman

Why you need the right insights to retain your clients

“A dissatisfied client is a loyal client”. Even the most accepted theories of CRM might be not applicable to your organization´s situation and Data Scientists can discover such fascinating insights from your data. The massive volumes of data represent opportunity to acquire information and make an organization much more intelligent and adaptable. It enables us […]

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The power of combining data science tools applied to Internet of Things in freight

How data science enabled a freight company to get its containers back in order. Data Science is exploratory by nature. You therefore want access to the widest possible range of algorithms, libraries and flexible tools that can handle multiple types of data. But also you do not want to forget that much value can come […]

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Unexpected consequences of the weather on your shelves

It’s impossible to change the colour of the sky. However, thanks to weather analytics, companies can now curb the effects of climatic events. Here’s how. Climatic conditions naturally affect demand for products and services. They can also entail costly consequences, such as shortages or excesses of stock. Here too, digitisation, analytics and Big Data is […]

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