Struggling with Artificial Intelligence?

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Wondering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) really works? Do you feel like it is just a black box which, when asked, magically comes up with an answer? Do you trust the so called “black box”?

Recently this article appeared in the dutch newspaper The Telegraaf about Ethics and AI.

It touched the discussion on how algorithms and Artificial Intelligence affect our decisions and ultimately our lives. Examples of ethical dilemmas were addressed which keeps us all awake and alert.

The article explains graphically some pitfalls when AI is not used correctly. We all recognize those. After reading the article the first question I had, was: ‘ How do I trust AI ?’ To really trust AI, we must first understand it. Not that easy when deep diving in the world of data and intelligence.


Strategy and roadmap to yield AI

Although in many organizations automation and AI are already used in some shape or form. With the increase of data and innovations in technology, it becomes more and more complex. To implement AI within your organization successfully you need to understand what AI is. Where it currently stands. What value it provides to businesses and how it can be adopted successfully.

In short you need a clear strategy and roadmap to yield AI. What is the problem or idea you wish to address and what data are you using?


Implement AI successfully

Views about Artificial Intelligence and data science are not always complete in organizations. Although we experience a lot of enthusiasm with clients on this topic, it’s key to have understanding and buy in across the whole organization to drive innovations with AI.

Marloes Roelands, Jorn Jansen Schoonhoven and Francesco Brenna wrote a paper in which they explain following questions: What is the difference between AI and Deep Learning? How does an AI system learn? Where are we today with AI? What are best practices to successfully implement AI? Just like in the article it also covers the pitfalls when using AI and recommendations to address these.

This guide goes beyond the hype of Artificial Intelligence. It is written for anyone planning to use, or with an interest in AI.

Click here to download and get started!

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