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A New Era of Data Protection

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A new IBM Z14 Mainframe has been announced. You can say, what has this to do with Cyber security. Well it has a lot to do with Cyber Security. When you listen, and look around you in the news we see that there are a lot of data breaches. To put this in a bit more perspective of the more than nine billion data records lost or stolen since 2013, only four percent were encrypted, making the majority of such data vulnerable to organized cybercrime rings, state actors and employees misusing access to sensitive information. Encryption is often largely absent in corporate and cloud data centers. This is because current solutions for data encryption can dramatically degrade performance (and thus user experience), and can be too complex and expensive to manage for regulatory compliance.

This IBM Z system was designed with 150 clients, including Chief Security Officers and security experts, who asked IBM to take on this challenge. Why is this such an important re-invention? It is a data encryption breakthrough making we are making it possible to protect all data/all the time for entire cloud services, applications and data bases.

Upcoming regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will increase data compliance requirements for organizations doing business in Europe starting next year. This new Z system it is deeply integrated with IBM Security software, designed to automate and streamline security and compliance processes. This to help clients build trust with consumers and comply with new standards.

There is some great new technology under the hood that needs to be mentioned.

With a 400% increase in silicon dedicated to cryptographic algorithms (over 6 billion transistors dedicated to cryptography in a full system) and reworking of its software stack, this is the first system capable of encrypting all data associated with any application, cloud service or database all the time.

This is an important breakthrough and you can learn more about IBM Z Enterprise Security by clicking this link.


Global Executive Security Advisor, IBM Security X-Force Command

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