Developing cloud based services and apps the easy way

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Developers get ready: this is the only platform you need from now on. IBM Bluemix is an open source platform that offers a wide range of of-the-shelf tools and API’s. You pick and choose, mix and match to create mobile or web based services and applications just the way you want it.

Businesses come big and small, but all have the same need these days: to offer clients services and applications in the cloud. And users want it all: speed, availability and more possibilities by the day. That’s why your response has to be as fast and all embracing.


If it’s speed and flexibility you want

IBM Bluemix kick-starts your project by understanding what you need. You can pick from some of our so-called boilerplates: foundation applications that include bespoke services. You can choose the language you want to work with and bring the services you need. Giving wings to your creativity. Cutting down developing time dramatically.


Efficiency as a service

Spend no more time and money on issues concerning coding, infrastructure or hardware. This innovative cloud computing platform combines platform as a service (PaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to offer a rich catalog of services and tools for any kind of business application.


The developer’s one-stop-shop

Even if you are the most demanding type of developer, you’ll find everything to your liking in IBM Bluemix. With its rich pallet of tools and over 100 API’s and services to choose from, you can enrich any application with the power of groundbreaking Watson or any other AI program for that matter.


Peace of mind infrastructure

Today’s users demand instant access to data and functionalities, so it helps using a data center near to their location. On the other hand, you might want to keep data close at hand for security and governance reasons. With the Bluemix infrastructure you can use all IBM Cloud Data Centers around the world. With the same capabilities and availability anywhere, and with one single seamless dashboard as your sole management tool.


So, if you are planning steps towards updating your service and application building capabilities, your next step will be a giant leap.


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