iX studio Groningen opening

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by Tessa Mulder

On the 23rd of June we officially opened our Interactive Experience Studio in Groningen, and quite spectacularly as well! With the studio fully up and running the IBM Services Center is becoming more versatile than ever. Buzzing with innovation, passion and the pioneering spirit of an entrepreneurial start-up, we can design, develop and deliver great business solutions.

iX studioThe day was kicked off with a speech of our Director Operations Carola Bos and Managing Director Johan van der Stel, who emphasized that the day would be all about “Experience”, to see to feel and interact with all that is happening in the ISC. Followed by a word of welcome of GM and Managing Partner, Europe Communications Sector Luq Niazi and Vice Mayor Joost van Keulen.

We did not only celebrate our studio opening but also the fact that we’re now with 100+ employees and our 2 years existence in the City of Talent Groningen. We led our clients and local partners through our center via an “Interactive Journey”, containing activities e.g. paper prototyping, empathy mapping but also showed interesting demo’s such as the Watson Personality Insights analysis, the Jaguar Landrover Kinect and Apple/IBM app’s to discover and experience the delivery phases of the ISC; Explore Design, Develop, Test and Transform.

Marketa Mach inspired by presenting about client “centricity” followed by a panel discussion  with Michel van Drie from ABN AMRO,  Kirsten Muller from Jumbo , Marketa Mach IBM and Matt Candy IBM deliberating about “Moving at the Speed of Customer Expectation”.

A red button in the center of the stage was the subject of a lot of attention during the day, and ultimately we asked our guests Joanne Collins-Smee and Matt Candy to press it. The red confetti flew around and the banners felt down. The studio was officially opened!

A big thanks to our special guests during the opening: Joanne Collins-Smee, Tim Kelyy, Luq Niazi, Matt Candy and Marketa Mach.

Curious about the transformation?

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