By Pål Krogdahl on Thu, July 16th 2020

What is the “data-enabled client” in Banking?

Have you read my last blog post, where I bring up the discussion I had with my neighbour during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic? He, like many others during that time was struggling with the uncertainty that he was facing, and trying to get a clear picture on his financial stability. If not, then […]

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By Pål Krogdahl on Thu, April 16th 2020

Knowledge digitisation empowering data-driven consumers – the secret sauce that will drive the future of banking

In my view, the banking industry has for several years been facing a dramatic and accelerating fundamental digital disruption, driven predominantly by changes in customer behaviour. Customers today are used to instant gratification and services tailored specifically for them and aligned to their situation in life. And for these services to be delivered just-in-time on […]

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By Pål Krogdahl on Tue, September 24th 2019

Is Open Banking just history repeating itself?

Open Banking is seen as a key disruption or opportunity to the banking industry driven in part by regulation and legislation. But this is just a small component in a wider transformation driven by digitalisation and consumer behavior. Are banks and FinTechs at risk of repeating mistakes from the past by focusing on the wrong […]

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