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Modern-day consumers demand more and they want to know where everything is coming from. Is it sustainable? Is it ethically sourced? And as consumers of the digital era, we want the information in a digital manner – through our phones.

Enterprises can already capture and share information digitally and securely, leading to more personalized marketing and meaningful engagement back to the consumers. But how do you do that between enterprises?

Blockchain is one technology to provide insight into consumer behavior by enabling multiple companies to securely and accurately capture data, then to be used and shared by multiple companies. Trust between parties enables business process automation outside your own enterprise. As consumers continue to demand transparency, retailers can e.g generate greater trust by partnering with Consumer products companies, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

We at IBM believe that Blockchain has a role to play in enabling innovation. As you start a journey, think transformational while starting with a small step. First, pick a use case that provides value for all, and as you start realizing benefits, expand from there to multiple use cases with accordant ecosystems.

Could this provide differentiation and competitive edge to Finnish products on a global market?

Watch the video as Paul Chang, a global industry leader for Blockchain from IBM, explains the advantages and potential role of Blockchain for Finnish companies.

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