Cloud Computing

Fulfilling the Promise of Smarter Cities

Amazing things are happening in Madrid, Spain. Government leaders in this city of 3 million people are transforming the way they manage and pay for city services provided by outside firms: services covering everything from street maintenance and irrigation of trees to garbage pickup. Instead of paying for effort, they’re paying for results. This big […]

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The Rise of Cognitive Business

When the original Watson won on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011, it was one computer tucked away in a room at IBM Research. Now it’s in our cloud, available anywhere. Back then, Watson consisted of a single software application powered by five core technologies. Today, it includes 28 cognitive services. Each represents a […]

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Watson: An Incubator for Startups and Innovation

IBM has long played a major role in Silicon Valley. We built a manufacturing plant there in 1943 and opened our IBM Research lab in San Jose in 1956–since then producing a string of technology breakthroughs including the first disk drive, the first data mining algorithms and essential advances in nanotechnology.  My dad got his […]

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