Cor van der Struijf

Quantum computing for everyone, in particular the director

  IBM expects quantum computing to experience a real breakthrough in 2018 [link to the previous blog], impelled by a combination of rapidly growing processing capacity (to 50 qubits), new applications and new problem areas. This offers opportunities galore for companies and their managers. With our IBM Q-initiative, which is accessible to everyone, we are […]

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Quantum computing breakthrough. What now?

  Expectations regarding quantum computing are running high. To speed up developments,  IBM is making universal quantum computers available for business, science and other interested parties. Next year the threshold of 50 qubits (quantum bits) will be reached. This level of processing power cannot be simulated on a traditional computer. That means that as of […]

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Open cloud environment gives discipline new meaning

  Not only does the cloud offer a significant stimulus to organizations and sectors; it also serves as an interesting impetus for the IT profession. Recently, I spoke at a large meeting about the OpenStack cloud operating system. What I witnessed there was that people who have traditionally worked with IT infrastructure are also helping […]

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