Maximize the transformational impact of S/4HANA before 2027

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The why, the how, and the what of successful transformations

The global pandemic has had a major impact on almost every aspect of business, speeding up in some areas and slowing down in others. One area experiencing rapid acceleration is the need for digital transformation which is seeing companies modernizing their SAP environment by embracing cloud environments tuned for an agile, cost-effective, and data-driven business.

Challenges related to supply chain disruptions, remote work, and new business models have prompted IT leaders to take a hard look at their legacy SAP landscape. But how do you start? What are the deployment options? And what value can they deliver?


S/4HANA webinar

Join the IBM webinar on October 7th to discover how businesses and IT leaders can drive improved efficiencies, deliver a faster pace of innovation, decrease their time-to-market, and enhance their customer service.

  • Use cases

You will hear about use cases from different sectors that have chosen AWS Cloud as their preferred platform for their migration to SAP S/4HANA before the 2027 deadline. You will also hear about Red Hat’s automation capabilities which allow for the provisioning of new systems within a couple of hours.

  • IBM Rapid Discovery

Additionally, we will share the renowned IBM Rapid Discovery approach. This data-driven, business-centric, modular approach guides you to select and customize the right deployment options and roadmap for your organization to achieve your future-state capability-oriented enterprise application enterprise.

  • Q&A

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to raise questions about your unique situation in the Q&A session.


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Discover how to overcome the challenge of digitally transforming your legacy SAP landscape to maximize its impact by registering for the upcoming IBM webinar.

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