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Mainframe’s role in digital transformation

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GSE National Conference

Digital transformation. Everybody talks about it, but in reality it’s a hard thing to do… IBM Z has major advantages for companies in the process of digital transformation. This is exactly what will be explained at the annual conference of the Dutch part of Guide Share Europe. The explanation is useful for general management and ‘techies’ alike. They follow disparate sessions during the day.

The event will take place on November 16th at Hotel Van der Valk in Almere. Register here >

What to expect?

According to the spirit of GSE this conference deals with much more than the specs of z14, the newest mainframe of IBM. Several topics will come along: from new items in application development, over data analytics and IT infrastructure to IT security.

The day starts with a general session to all. Afterwards business managers, architects and IT-managers follow their specific own track:

  • Technicals can learn about new methods for application development to be handled by z14, as well as machine learning, blockchain, analytics and the API-economy. IT security is also a main topic with the new capability of z14 to encrypt everything, called: pervasive encryption. This has major advantages in the world of blockchain and GDPR. At the level of infrastructure there is a session about OpenStack and Linux on z14 and about hybrid cloud environments.
  • The Management track of the conference hosts non-technical sessions about blockchain, hybrid cloud and DevOps, specially tailored to their needs.
  • Architects can learn how z14 can bring value to the company compared to a distributed architecture.


 Red Bull Racing

As you might know IBM is the technology partner for the Red Bull Racing F1 Team. Some people from the team around Max Verstappen will be in Almere to tell about the role that IT plays in nowadays racing. They will dig into the use of hybrid cloud, fast analytics and collecting the data from the racing cars. Also, the F1 car of Red Bull Racing will be exhibited, as shown here at the IBM Amsterdam office.
Register for the GSE event >

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