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The F1 car, Max Verstappen drives, shows only a few logos. One of them is IBM, because we are a technology partner of Red Bull Racing.

Next to the bravery and magic racecraft of the drivers another spectacle occurs under the hood and the IT-room. These miracles happen to support Max Verstappen’s success. As car manufacturers use F1 technology to innovate their road cars, technology companies use racing to fine-tune their products. Speed is at the heart of every decision and speed is enabled by IT systems.

Red Bull’s cars have sensors (Internet of Things) at calculative places. Every second they send information about oil temperatures, wind, tyre pressures, etc. For competitive reasons Red Bull will not disclose how many TB’s roll into the system every second, but one can assume it is a lot.



What data is important? How to analyze it and transform it into information at the speed of an F1-car? How to decide what outcomes are most important at a given time? How to get this information back to the racer and/or the car? That’s where IBM Spectrum plays its important role. That’s why it is part of a winning team at the race track.

According to Nathan Sykes, Head of Numerical Tools and Technology at Red Bull Racing. “As generally there’s no silver bullet in F1, you have to iterate to get to a better component. IBM Spectrum products allow us to move new applications in and out of the workflow very efficiently, even when workflows span global distances. We can run them side-by-side so we can understand what the differences are, and then provide ourselves with a workflow which is a step forward. This means that our components get better and better for every iteration that we run.”

The use of analytical software at Red Bull Racing is optimized with IBM Spectrum. Especially during a race, when every action is very intense, but also after the race when all data is being used for further analysis and simulations in CFD and FEM like programs. (CFD=Computational Fluid Dynamics & FEM = Finite Element Method) If this High Performance Computing works at the very demanding circumstances of F1, it works also for you.

IBM is proud to be a Red Bull Racing technology partner.

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Systems Hardware Leader Netherlands @ IBM

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