SLTN and IBM demonstrate the ‘innovation garage’

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IT service provider SLTN has selected IBM Bluemix to make it quicker and easier for you – as a developer, the person responsible for IT or an innovation manager – to develop and innovate. The company will set up a so-called ‘Bluemix Garage’, in which topics such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile DevOps and the latest technologies converge. In a series of workshops, you will soon be able to experience how easy it is to work with the platform.

SLTN has chosen IBM Bluemix because it offers their customers exactly what they are requesting. After all, companies want to get rid of legacy IT environments and invest in growth and development; companies need the right platform to be able to do this. Bluemix makes it possible to give gestalt to creation, innovation and disruption, because you have direct access to technology in the domain of IoT, block chain, big data, analytics and Watson cognitive computing – all APIs that run by default in Bluemix.

Translated into your daily practice: based on the Bluemix Garage, in just a few days you can create prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs); products with minimum viability that can be gradually improved and expanded. This is a new work method that has already proven that it can enable organizations to get new, digital products into the market more quickly.


Lego principle

As a user of the Bluemix-platform, in the ‘garage’ you can get expert assistance with issues such as web design, user-oriented design and user interfaces. In addition, these specialists can help with the Lego principle of Bluemix, in which you can pile on and combine components to you heart’s content.

The benefit is that, as a developer, the person responsible for IT or an innovation manager, at relatively little cost and will minimum effort you can quickly have an operating environment that can be continually enriched with more than 150 APIs, which are already built-in. You only pay per Gigabyte, API call or minute, depending on the type of service. That is completely different from investing tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros in a Hadoop environment for big data, for example. Within Bluemix you can purchase this for a modest standard fee.


To demonstrate the advantages of this modern development environment, IBM and SLTN will soon be hosting a so-called Bluemix Essentials workshop. In this workshop you can get started working with the latest technology, work methods and pioneering APIs! Click here>>> for more information and to register for the workshop.

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