Bridget van Kralingen

Supporting Small Business with Blockchain and IBM Cloud

A small kitchen supplies manufacturer in France is delighted when it receives a large order from a mid-sized Italian retailer. The manufacturer is eager to respond, but first it needs a bank loan for working capital to fill and ship the order. Without a short-term loan, the manufacturer might not make payroll; without this order, […]

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Lowering the Barriers to Global Trade with Blockchain

Ninety percent of the goods in the global market are at some point transported by ocean shipping container. To get these shipments from one port to the next, a complex series of interactions must take place. Global shipping and logistics leader, Maersk, found in 2014 that a single, simple shipment of refrigerated goods from East […]

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Blockchain’s Role in Improving Global Food Safety

The focus on safety throughout the global food supply chain is at an all-time high, for all the wrong reasons. The numbers of people sickened by contaminated food products continues to escalate and recalls are issued with increasing frequency. Like virtually every other complex issue in a world dominated by data and how it’s used, […]

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