Arvind Krishna, Ph.D.

The Power of Thinking Big: IBM Research’s “5 in 5”

Great scientific leaps rarely happen incrementally. They come from setting big, ambitious goals that move discovery forward. Think of the Wright brothers’ determination to fly, President John F. Kennedy’s pledge to put a man on the moon, or IBM Research’s resolve to build a computer that could understand spoken language and beat the greatest human […]

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Blockchain and the Future of Trust

Experience teaches us that those who move quickly to embrace disruptive technologies benefit the most from them. The same will be true for the emergent technology called blockchain. As a powerful instrument of trust, blockchain enables parties to exchange goods and services with one another or make payments with far greater confidence. This provides distinct […]

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Enabling Smarter Payments with Cloud

As consumers embrace new technologies, they expect a great user experience and security features that are second-to-none. From a payments perspective, we at Interac have seen massive shifts in consumer behavior that reflect the adoption of new, secure technologies. For example, since we began our migration to chip card technology in 2009, we have seen […]

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