Ignore AI at Your Peril

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made more progress in the last four years than in the previous forty. The availability of large datasets, massively scalable computing resources, and (a few) algorithmic improvements have meant that machines can sometimes outperform humans at complex tasks. So can industry benefit from AI in factories, processing plants, and large infrastructure […]

Watson IoT Takes to the Manufacturing Floor

Much of the discussion at Hannover Messe 2017, the world’s largest annual industrial fair, will center on the fourth revolution of industry, or, simply, Industry 4.0. While Industry 4.0 is a relatively new topic, it has deep roots that tie back more than 200 years to the first industrial revolution when new manufacturing processes came […]

It’s Time to Redefine Your Digital Media Strategy Around Your Data

The digital media industry has long faced a unique data challenge. Radio, television and film productions generate massive unstructured data sets, which can measure up to hundreds of terabytes total for a single large-scale film project. The amount of data generated by these digital media productions is growing rapidly. In fact, IDC has projected that […]

The Cognitive Concierge Brings Personalization to the In-Room Experience

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve no doubt found yourself standing in a hotel room desperately searching for light switches, setting the thermostat, locating the TV remote and more. It’s all part of a quest set up the room to your unique specifications and, more often than not, it’s far more complicated than you’d like. […]

This Earth Day the Sun Is Shining On Solar Homes

As we mark Earth Day on Saturday (April 22), we see greater interest in the use of renewable energy sources. Decreasing energy production costs, increased public environmental responsibility and changing incentive policies are prompting more and more consumers to consider renewable energy sources. Residential solar energy, in particular, is gaining traction around the world. A new […]

A New Generation of Networking Is Upon Us

For decades, organizations have relied on the underlying network to link systems and facilitate the transfer of information. The network’s role as an agent for IT is without question, with virtually every job, transaction and operation depending on it. But today it is the network’s role as an agent for business innovation that is far […]