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Quantum Experiences: A Q&A with Caltech’s Christine Corbett Moran

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Dr. Christine Corbett Moran travels the world in search of challenging problems to solve. The National Science Foundation’s Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Institute of Technology earned a PhD in Zurich, taught mobile development and entrepreneurship in Manila, and now calls Antarctica home while conducting experiments on the South Pole Telescope. It’s here where she discovered something else to experiment with – IBM’s Quantum Experience.THINK corbettmoran

The quantum computer on the cloud gives anyone the ability to run algorithms on its five-qubit processor. You just need an internet connection. Something that Corbett Moran, living in -50 to -100 degrees F, doesn’t always have. So, she published a paper, Quintuple: A Python 5-qubit quantum simulator to facilitate quantum computing, on how to test algorithms offline, without needing the Quantum Experience online.

“I could work in my favorite programming language (Python) offline, prototyping ideas to run on IBM QE for when I was online … [and] I thought it might be useful to others, whether learners or researchers,” Corbett Moran said.

Read IBM Research’s Q&A with Corbett Moran, where she discusses her paper, her challenges, and the places she has yet to visit.

National Science Foundation's, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Institute of Technology

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