Patrick Ip, Business Innovation Lead, Google

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“It’s more than just a product, it’s a story.” Patrick Ip, Google’s Business Innovation Lead, talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about developing and marketing around customer experience.

0:46 Google’s growing appreciation of customer service
2:14 The “story” paradigm of product design
4:15 Google’s research-and-debate process for product design
8:34 Successful marketing: selling the experience rather than features
12:14 Patrick’s upbringing: Learning “servant leadership”
20:00 Taking advantage of luck as a success strategy
23:14 Patrick’s work running social media for the United Nations
25:16 Patrick’s startup Kip Solutions: social media consulting for non-profits
26:38 Patrick’s drive for responsibility
29:27 Patrick’s “Baller Dinners” community of givers

Lightning round
32:58 Favorite social platform: Facebook
33:05 Someone you admire: Patrick’s parents
33:11 Brand you respect and why: Virgin
33:27 AR, VR, or AI: AI is most interesting

Audience questions
33:55 How transferable were your social media insights cross-culturally?
35:12 What’s the number one success indicator in product adoption?
36:53 How do you source and compensate research interviewees?
37:58 As AI advances, how will that change how people interact with your products?
40:58 What advice would you give a fifteen-year-old?
43:07 Do you see IBM and Google partnering in moonshot projects?
44:27 At what point do you say “Let’s try something new even if it makes people angry”?
47:04 What’s on your reading list?
49:16 When you think of IBM, what do you think of?

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