Kirsten Corio, Managing Director, Ticketing & Digital Strategy, USTA

At the lab, Kirsten Corio (Managing Director, Ticketing & Digital Strategy at USTA) and Noah Syken (VP Global Sponsorships, Sports and Entertainment and Client Programs at IBM) talk to Robert Schwartz (IBM Global Leader, Strategy & Design at IBM iX) about sports-event marketing and promoting the US Open experience with social, mobile, and emerging technologies.


0:43 Kirsten’s history at the US Open
2:25 Noah’s work at IBM sports sponsorship
3:08 Changes in sports marketing over the last 10 years
7:41 Balancing the core event experience with new attractions
10:05 Encouraging live attendance while opening up remote access
14:18 Attracting millennials to live sports
18:08 The year-long process of planning the US Open
22:03 Digital demand generation at the USTA
24:07 How IBM measures sponsorship goals
26:01 Audience development
28:55 The next five years in sporting-event technology
32:46 When you think of IBM, what do you think of?

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